Primarily Working with tailored tools for 2D development GameMaker(GML), Unity (C♯), LÖVE(C++/lua) &  Godot(python).  Experienced with Xbox one development. 

Open Repositories:

GitHub – Organic Proc Gen  – GMS-Networking

Bitbucket – GML Scripts

Contract Work:

 “Dungeon Souls” [Steam] Programmer &  Designer

Dungeon Souls
OG Creator: Mike Reñevo

“Fallen Angel” Programmer Gameplay


Designer & Artist: Hunter Wu

“Second Chance”

Lead Programmer

pjimage (1)
Second Chance
Project Lead: Amysaurus


Dialog Option System Programmer

holt (2)


“Platformer Dreams” [Alpha Build] Lead Programmer

Gameplay Video

platplatform dreams

Collaboration work & prototypes:

“From the Depths”  [In development] 



Lead Programmer || with  Marco P. [Artist/Game Designer]

Bit Cruncher

Full Prototype Development under 10h – Project for the MIT’s Game Design Class


Scarga” [On Hold]


Game Designer & Programmer || with Zamudio Antonio [Lead Programmer] & Hippauf Martin[Game Designer/Pixel Artist]


Gameplay Video


Producer & Programmer  || with  Zamudio Antonio [Lead Programmer] & Hippauf Martin[Game Designer/Pixel Artist] Original Prototype

Art portfolio

Devian Gallery


Localization/translation works.

English(full proficiency), Spanish(native), Japanese(limited working proficiency) & Portuguese(basic)

Game Dev related Articles:

“World Design in procedurally generated worlds ” PPT

Formal Education

Game Design & Digital Entertainment, Toulouse Lautrec  (2015)

Japanese Language Studies, Ichigokai  (2014)

Independent Coursework

Game Design

Educational Technology Program – MITx

  • Introduction to Game Design

Game Design Specialization Program – CalArts

  • Game Design
  • Game Narrative Design
  • Game World Building
  • Character Design for Videogames
  • Art & Concepts for Game Documentation

Game Design History – Rochester Institute of Technology

Gamification  – University of Pennsylvania

Serious Gaming – Erasmus University Rotterdam

Game Theory – Stanford & The University of British Columbia

Game Theory II Advanced Applications – Stanford & The University of British Columbia

Games without Chance:Combinatorial Game Theory – Georgia Institute of Technology

Online Games: Literature, New Media, and Narrative – Vanderbilt University

Game Theory & Game Balance Courses by Ian Schreiber

Computer Science

Algorithms: Design and Analysis* – Stanford

Machine Learning – Stanford

Cryptography – Stanford

3D Game Engines C++ – UAB

Introduction to C++ – Microsoft


3D Art & Animation for Videogames – UAB

Introduction to User Experience Design – Georgia Institute of Technology

Graphic Design Specialization Program  – CalArts
  • Fundamentals of Graphic Design
  • Typography
  • Imagemaking

*On Progress

Rest of Résumé

Currently available for remote work. I work as a programmer & Game Design consultant.